Android Development In Kotlin

Kotlin is a language getting popularity for Android app development. It is built for large scale software projects to improve upon Java with a focus on readability, correctness, and developer productivity. Kotlin is replacing the Java language because Java has some limitations. The main focus of this technology is interop with Java code and the Java standard library.

Why Kotlin?

Why is Kotlin getting more popular over the Java language? Here are some reasons that make this technology more effective and useful.

  • Kotlin is 100% interoperable with Java. Both languages can co-exist in one project. Existing libraries of Java can be used.
  • If you use Kotlin then it will drastically reduce the amount of boilerplate code that you need to write.
  • Kotlin is safe to use as developers can avoid entire classes of errors like null pointer exceptions.
  • Kotlin is functional as it uses many concepts from functional programming, such as lambda expressions.
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    Our SKills

    We have a team of professional Android developers to use the kotlin language in the best way to build the application perfectly. Here is the list of technical, non-technical, and general skills that our Kotlin android developers have:

  • Having relevant experience in Android app development
  • Can write clear, maintainable and readable code excellently in Java and Kotlin languages.
  • Having experience in both Android SDK and Android Studio
  • Experienced in mobile app architecture, flow, design, implementation, and release
  • Know agile development concepts, DevOps methodologies and CI/CD pipelines
  • Know to build end-to-end android mobile apps from design, development, and deployments to app stores
  • Good understanding of app lifecycle, architecture principles, and design fundamentals
  • We have analytical abilities, great time-management skills, a problem-solving mindset, and strong technical and communication skills.
  • Sound knowledge of the quality check process and excellent debugging skills.
  • To connect the app with backend services, we are familiar with RESTful APIs and XML
  • Have Knowledge of the latest mobile app trends, architectures, emerging technologies and state management to simplify user interaction
  • We have an understanding of version control systems and tools, e.g., GitHub
  • Kotlin developers have roles and responsibilities similar to Android developers. The only difference is Kotlin developers have good knowledge of Kotlin.

  • Kotlin developers have roles and responsibilities similar to Android developers. The only difference is Kotlin developers have good knowledge of Kotlin.
  • Before translating designs and wireframes, we understand the requirements.
  • We identify and fix bugs to improve performance
  • To create apps with the high performance we coordinate with the design and test teams
  • Work with APIs and data sources as per the requirements
  • We make sure to maintain code quality, reusability, and continuous code evaluation
  • We discover and implement new technologies to meet client requirement
  • To make sure bug-free, reliable, and the best user experience, we use unit-testing of code.
  • To plan, develop, and ship new features collaborate with the team members
  • For overall security objectives, we implement security measures in line.
  • We plan, develop, build, and release an end-to-end Android mobile app using Kotlin
  • Consider our Android development in Kotlin to create android apps with robust backend integration. We have a responsible team for creating and maintaining android apps right from requirements to release and continue product development.