Some beginners unknowingly say that React JS is a framework. However, it is an open-source library that is efficient, declarative, and flexible. It is gaining massive popularity among front-end developers. Even experienced developers with experience in PHP and other web development technologies are switching to React JS. Let’s learn the amazing features of react JS – part 1.

Created by Facebook, React JS makes it easy to develop fast and scalable frontends. You can create and reuse components. Virtual DOM and JSX are the features that make app and browser interaction super easy. Whether you are a senior developer who also wants to take React JS projects or you are a beginner looking for different options in website development, you must be aware of the key features of this JS library.  

Easy to Learn and Use

If you know JavaScript, learning and using React JS is super easy. You will be using the same array functions, loops etc with only a few differences in the syntax. React JS is well documented. Just check the official website. There is a good number of platforms offering online React JS training. 

Reusable Components 

A React JS app gets its reusability from components. If you are comfortable with class components and if you are comfortable with functions then you can create functional components. You can pass different data from one component to another to display information on the webpage. For example, you need to create one component for the product. You can use the same component to show the latest products, all products, products according to categories and so on.      


JSX is an extension of JavaScript. Creating custom components becomes simpler with JSX. You can use HTML quoting and also easily render subcomponents. It is suitable for high-volume apps.

SEO Integration

It is difficult for some search engines to parse JavaScript-heavy applications. However, this problem does not exist with React JS applications. React JS renders virtual DOM. In the end, you will see a regular webpage on the browser. So, React JS applications are search engine friendly. If you are using the Next.js framework, your application will become more SEO friendly.       

So, this was part one. We will be back with more React JS features in the second part. Many IT companies are looking for React JS developers to hire from India. This also shows that the demand for React JS developers is high. You are going to get a handsome salary. Let’s learn the amazing features of react JS – part 1.

Author: Admin July 19, 2022 Development