If you check the list of the most popular programming languages in 2022, you will find JavaScript getting the top spot. And, when it comes to one of the most popular libraries for JavaScript, React JS is one of them. ‘React JS developers to hire from India’ is one of the most common ads on various job portals. React JS is a highly-efficient open-source library for developing front-ends that are fast, simple and scalable. It is declarative in nature. React JS is flexible and efficient. Let’s learn the amazing features of react JS – part 2.

After developing it, once Facebook made it open source, it was widely accepted. We have already covered some of the key features in part 1. Let’s learn about other features.   

Developer Toolset 

Developers using React JS get diversified toolsets. All a developer needs to know is how to put these toolsets in use.  These tools are of great help in designing and debugging. There are tools for Chrome and Firefox. 

Community Support

If you face any problem, you can read the official React JS documentation. In case this does not work for you, there is a large community of React JS developers who can help in solving your problem. Whether it is a simple problem or a complex one, you will get support.

Stable Code

There is only downward data flow in React JS. As a result, any changes made in the child component have no effects on the parent component. To make any changes in an object, a developer needs to update the state and as a result, every component receiving that data is updated and re-rendered. This ensures that the code remains stable. And, the result is a smooth app. 

Handy Tools 

There is no shortage of tools when it comes to React JS. There are tools for development, debugging, testing and more. These tools make app development easy, fast and effortless. You can install browser extensions. You can inspect hierarchy and components and a lot more.

Performance Enhancement

Virtual DOM makes a significant improvement in the performance of the app. DOM is cross-platform. Its programming APIsuse HTML, XHTML or XML. Virtual DOM, we can say, is a copy of DOM in the memory. Let’s learn the amazing features of react JS – part 2.

Author: Admin July 25, 2022 Development