We recently faced the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has made considerable changes in our shopping habits and lifestyle. Result wise the demand for multi-vendor e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay and others, has increased as compared to earlier. A recent report presented by Statista revealed that cross-border e-commerce sales may hit the 3.53 trillion dollars mark by 2022. We have an option to shop for a wide range of products from our home. And we are comfortable with this as it makes shopping simple and convenient for customers. Let’s discuss the must have features of a multi-vendor e-commerce website.

Features of multi-vendor e-commerce website

Following are some must have features of an e-commerce website 

Multi-Vendor Control

A multi-vendor e-commerce website must provide the features to merchants like allow control over individual inventory management, shipping, product change, COD, discounts, and many more. The website must be controllable as vendors can manage, handle, and keep track of their business activities without any hassle.

Robust Reporting

Merchants must have access to get details about their sales and business data. If businesses have a better understanding of their sales, highest sold products and top search item then it will help them to make marketing strategies accordingly. All this can be done if websites have a robust reporting system allowing instant tracking of abandoned sales and carts.

Security of Platform

Security is a major feature that a multi-vendor e-Commerce platform must-have. Customers always consider an e-commerce website where they feel safe. Generally, e-Commerce websites have payment gateways that customers use to make payments. If a website is not secure then customers never consider such a website to do shopping. Vendors also ignore such platforms to sell their products. Hire the best web developer to create an e-commerce website who is an expert in implementing the best security practices of the store.

Having Multiple Payment and Multilingual Options

A website having multiple payments and multilingual options can attract customers. So, try to integrate the platform with multiple payment gateways. Not only an online payment system but you should also provide the cash on delivery payment option.

The better the online shopping experience you provide to customers, the better your business will grow. So, provide the maximum features to make your customers satisfied.

Author: Admin October 1, 2021 e-commerce