Sketching is the first step to creating a great website design. It is an important part of the UI design process. Just take pen and paper to design your website offline. This design will help you to visualize your dream website. To make a sketch you don’t need expertise. You just need an idea and a degree of comfort with the concept. Let’s discuss the role of sketching in the web designing process.

You can convey an idea using Sketch

Sketching a website helps you to get a clear idea of how to design a website. It will also be helpful to provide meaningful feedback on the progress that keeps the project moving forward.

Sketch to jumpstart creativity

While expressing your ideas in a notebook then there is a chance to create many great designs. Sketching helps jumpstart creativity. It will create possibilities for several different types of a project. You can choose one that best fits your requirements. Sketching allows you to free your thought process by pushing ideas onto paper.

You can refine ideas through sketching

You don’t need to install software or learn any technique to refine ideas through sketching. You can give shape to your ideas quickly using a pencil and a sheet of paper. You will be able to get multiple thoughts at one time as everyone can discuss openly on the project. Sketching allows designers and developers to map out ideas on paper. They try to figure out the code to turn those ideas into viable solutions. It is also time-saving because developers have an idea in place to give it a shape.

Sketches don’t need to be perfect 

If you think you are not as good at sketching then don’t worry. Sketches are just rough ideas of how you would like to get designed your website. They are just doodles or blobs of your thought. Just take out your pencil and extract your creativity on paper. Remember it is just the first step in a longer process to get a refined website. The sketch is an unofficial language for the team.

Now the culture has been created where making a sketch is an important part of the design process. As so many people take part in website design projects including designers, developers, copywriters or storytellers, sketching allows everyone to participate in each step of a project from the beginning.

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