Search Engine Optimization requires more data to succeed as compared to other digital marketing techniques. SEO strategists must be aware of different SEO tools to make their campaigns succeed. There is no shortage of such tools. Some are free to use and others are premium. The premium tools also come with free trials. This article covers top 5 Ahrefs tools That are of Great Help for SEO Strategists.   


Getting backlinks is an important SEO activity. Backlinks not only help in bringing traffic but also help in increasing page authority and domain authority. It is important to get links from high authority websites to get ranked.


Ahrefs is much more than a backlink authority checker. The backlink and SEO information Ahrefs provides is of great use. You also get keyword tools, ranking monitoring and more. Using this tool provides you access to a large database of live links. This is the reason why it is primarily known as a backlink authority checker.


Depending on your requirements, you can choose one from the four plans available. Both monthly and annual billing options are available. Its 7-day trial costs $7. This is sufficient to see if the tool works for you or not. 

Top 5 Ahrefs Tools 

Site Explorer

As the name says, you can use this tool to analyze backlinks of your website. You don’t only see the backlinks you have earned. The tool also allows comparison with your competitors. The Site Explorer provides you with two main tools:

  • The backlink checker tool
  • The organic traffic research tool

Content Explorer

Content is one of the driving forces that helps your website rank. You can analyze topics using this tool and create successful content marketing campaigns.

Keyword Explorer

You can use Keyword Explorer to choose relevant keywords from a database of 3 billion keywords. The tool provides complete information about monthly searches and traffic.

Rank Tracker

This tool allows you to monitor ranking both on mobile and desktop. Businesses invest in SEO to get their website ranked. You can get daily, weekly and monthly ranking reports. 

Site Audit

You might encounter errors and problems while running SEO campaigns. Using this tool, digital marketing companies in India can analyze problems in your website, and help to focus more on your campaign. top 5 Ahrefs tools That are of Great Help for SEO Strategists.   

Author: Admin July 29, 2022 SEO