Our Work Process

How Our Working Process Run

At Solutions tree, we follow a systematic process, from starting to end. We deliver the expected result to our client within the deadline


Meeting & Analysis

We believe in meeting the requirement of our clients. Before starting any project and to deliver a quality project for the satisfaction of client, there is a need for proper analysis. Our experienced team analyses the nature of the business to provide customized IT services.

Visualizes your ideas and requirements

After analysis and research the material, we make the picture in our mind of the idea given by our client. Imaging the requirements in mind help in deciding about the implementation of the idea.


Executing legal part

It is necessary to follow the instructions by our client which is decided by us that help our organization to avoid any mishappening in the future. We execute the legal part such as you have to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement that you give us surety to not disclose any important information to an outsider that will harmful for our business.

Design | User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX)

We design the user interface and user experience website to grow your business. Our successful user experience and design provide competitive advantages including customer retention, lower support costs, increased productivity, reduces development time for your business to stay in the competition.


Development and Implementation

After understanding the business needs of our client, we do the proper research on the given idea. Then we start the process of implementing the idea into reality. We believe that if we develop and create the website according to the need of our client then it helps to retain the client as well to attract the new one.

Testing & Quality Assurance

Testing is necessary to provide the error-free project to the client because it is the process of finding out the error. We do the quality assurance that involves the activities that are designed to make sure the project is conforming to the expectations of the clients.


Deployment and Launch

After completing the testing and quality assurance we perform the final stage of deployment and launching the final project when it is ready to use. Our goal and motive are to satisfy our clients by providing the relevant output as per their business needs.

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