Yii Development

To develop a web application, the framework is a basic need and platform. It provides a structure to the developer that is required to develop any website. There are a number of benefits of using PHP framework including no need to produce repetitive code, time-saving and being able to build web applications rapidly.

Yii Web Development

Yii is an object-oriented, open-source and component-based MVC PHP web application framework.

Yii meaning in the Chinese language is simple and evolutionary. Yii is preferred by the developers for developing high-level web applications like business apps, CMS, forums, portal and many other web developments that demand advanced technology.

It allows the developer to amend the source code of any section and make them enable to create their own extensions.

The features of Yii framework include scaleable, support restful API development, multi-tier caching, query builders and active records for relational and NoSQL databases. It follows its own design patterns.

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Features of Yii framework

Highly Extensible

All the components of the Yii framework are highly extensible. The user can customize them as per their need or suitability.

Rapid Development

The Yii framework helps us to develop the application faster because it generates all the basic CRUD operations. It is also possible to maintain the design of an application that is recommended by the Yii.

Easy to Install

It is one of the important features of the Yii framework that attracts the developer to use it because no one developer likes to waste their precious time in waiting for installations and configurations. The developer can install the Yii framework without any hassle and trouble.

Easy Data Migration

It’s easy to migrate the data on the Yii framework. Data migration is basically a process that provides reasonable control over the database changes to upgrading and downgrading application versions on different installations.

Utilize Modern Technologies

Advanced features of PHP, which includes SPL classes and interfaces, late static binding, and anonymous functions can work properly with pure OOP framework. Yii is a pure OOP framework. That makes it possible to utilize and take advantage of these advanced features of PHP.

Simplifies Security

Security is the main concern of the developer while working on any web application. It is a crucial part of any web application. The Yii framework is the best option for the developer to use as it is facilitated with some great features that play a vital role in combating security threats. Yii has a security application component having several methods that provide assistance in creating a more secure application. Yii framework provides advanced security by generating a secure hash from the password which is capable of making a random salt for the user, validates the password, and then generates a random string of any length.

Shorten Development Time

The process of repetitive tasks wastes a lot of time of the developer while working on any project. Yii development has few tools that help the developers to complete the task within the genuine time period. They can utilize this saved time in providing more customised applications to their client to meet their requirement. Yii is a web-based code tool that enables the developer to quickly create code templates for Extensions, Forms, Models, Models, Extensions, etc.